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How to Eat Healthy When You Are on a Budget

There are so many choices for where to do your grocery shopping, but when shopping healthy on a budget, which stores are best? Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are tops when you think healthy food. So, it’s surprising what you can find in stores that most wouldn’t see as traditional healthy food type groceries.

  • Aldi – This German grocery store is known for its affordable food options, and its box store style displays keep costs down for many healthy options. In fact, they are owned by the same company as Trader Joe’s. While not a typical health food store, Aldi boasts an extensive line of organic packaged foods and meats. Although this is not a widespread store in California, there is one not too far from Sylmar and Canoga Park.
  • Sprouts – This is a great alternative to Whole Foods. Located throughout Southern California, this store provides food in a neighborhood farmer’s market style, offering natural and organic food that is geared to keeping you healthy, all at a fraction of a price.
  • Dollar/99cent Stores – You may doubt our inclusion of these stores as options for healthy cuisine, but it’s surprising what you can find in their frozen food areas. From the freezer, you can find a variety of berries for your smoothies plus canned vegetables and seasonings to round out many recipes. If your store has fresh produce, even better. Load up on veggies at these rock-bottom prices. For example, most 99cent Stores provide a full produce section filled with fresh vegetables, fruit, sweet potatoes, all at a price much lower than your traditional grocery store. If you have the option, do your shopping here first before heading to your local grocery.

Clip and Save

Looking in your Sunday paper or online for coupons can save you a bundle. There are even apps you can download that will help you save. Clip them or have them ready on your smartphone to pile on the savings at the register. This can help cut costs when you can’t make it to the more reasonably priced stores for automatic savings.
Plan out your coupons and groceries before you head to the store. Make a list, and be sure to ONLY shop off that list. Don’t let yourself stray and give in to temptation as you pass by chips and other treats.

Stop by The Frozen Section for Extra Savings

There is nothing wrong with shopping in the frozen food section for anything from fruit to meat. This will enable you to buy on sale and stock up for months at a time. Frozen vegetables come in handy if you often travel– no worries about rotting veggies in the fridge or on the counter. You just need to think ahead and thaw items out before throwing a recipe together.

You Don’t Have to Shop Organic

Whether you are buying meat, veggies, or dairy, it isn’t essential to buy organic. Organic is pricey and isn’t necessary to maintain a healthy diet. When shopping on a budget, you might find yourself priced out of many organic options. Fresh is better than processed, so key in on those items even if they aren’t organic.

Savings are in the Cards – Don’t Pay Full Price

Take a few moments and sign up for the consumer loyalty cards at the stores you frequent. These are free to sign up for and provide savings that you can’t pass up. Plus, many will send you weekly sales events.

You Can Eat Well and Save Money at the Same Time

Don’t let your budget dictate your health. You can eat healthy without breaking the bank if you use some of these techniques and look for other ways to maximize your dollar. Remember, even if you are eating more expensive foods, overall, you are eating LESS food and saving money by not eating out.
We’re here to help you make the right choices for whatever your budget may be, so stop into one of our weight loss clinics and let us assist you in taking the next step in your weight loss journey. We will help you lose weight faster than you thought possible, all while teaching you healthier habits so you can keep it off for good.

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