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Reasons Why Women Struggle to Lose Weight

You opt-in for a starvation diet of boiled chicken and broccoli. Every day you’re in the gym taking a spin, Pilates, or Barre class. You are exercising and cutting calories, but you’ll be lucky to lose one pound at the end of the week.
You’re doing what you can to lose weight, yet your husband or boyfriend lost 5 pounds in the same week. He gave up a beer at happy hour and a slice of bread one night. Exercise? He sweated a little bit while golfing on Saturday.
While it can be difficult for men to lose weight, women often seem to have a harder time with it overall.
We hear about this phenomenon at our weight loss clinic almost every day. Before you give up, learn why it’s women who seem to struggle the most to lose weight.

It’s Not Your Fault

Your first inclination might be to beat yourself up for not losing weight quickly. However, there are biological reasons why you’re struggling to ditch the extra pounds.

  • Women naturally carry more body fat for reproduction. A normal weight female will be 20-30% body fat while a male will have 12-18% body fat and more muscle. More muscle means higher natural metabolism. Men typically burn more calories than females.
  • Hormones can be an issue in women. Our hectic modern lives are filled with children, careers, housework, and hobbies. This can increase the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol increases your appetite for carbohydrates–especially sweets.
  • Many women have undiagnosed thyroid issues. Hypothyroidism is most commonly found in women and almost half of women who have it go undiagnosed. Thyroid issues cause weight gain, as well as fatigue.
  • A woman’s monthly cycle can cause cravings for fat and carbs. These cravings can make it more difficult to stick to your diet.
  • Certain medications, like anti-depressants and steroids, can cause massive amounts of weight gain. Women are more likely to be placed on an anti-depression medication than men.

Learn How to Lose More Weight

The female body is different. Women naturally carry more body fat and produce hormones on different levels. While it is harder for many women to lose weight, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Luckily, there are several ways you can up your metabolism and lose more weight just by making a few simple adjustments.

  • Exercise to put on muscle. Too many women exercise by just doing cardio. Muscle burns more calories than fat, and it makes you look and feel better. Make sure and hit the weight room and not just the treadmill. Don’t worry about bulking up. Lifting weight alone will not cause you to suddenly gain heavy muscle. You will instead become leaner and reduce body fat.
  • Get your hormones and thyroid levels checked and corrected if needed. While this may not be the cause of your weight gain, it is good to get it ruled out.
  • Diet is critical. You will need to learn to eat more protein and less unhealthy carbohydrates. Your results are directly tied to your diet, and 80-90% of losing weight is learning how to eat better.
  • Ask your physician to adjust medications if you are experiencing weight gain. Not all anti-depressants cause weight gain; some promote weight loss!

Now You Know. Take Action!

With the necessary tools, losing weight doesn’t have to be a struggle. However, you may find you still need help controlling your appetite, exercising, or eating the right diet.
Please stop by one of our weight loss clinics today and see one of our support team members. We know the struggle is real and are here to help make your weight loss goals easier to reach. We will help you lose weight easier, and faster than you thought possible.

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